Legacy Consolidated


Wealthyard Group is a holding company, based in central Switzerland, with the objective of controlling and managing its wholly partly owned subsidiaries, operating since 1977 within the precision watch-making and the high-end luxury industry as well as in the sector of premium real estate.

All the Group’s operations, its corporate structure, its investment philosophy and financial strength, draw constant momentum from the Board’s strong vision of pursuing what’s beyond and above the highest quality standards within their various fields of activity.

The Wealthyard Group is domiciled in Switzerland with its legal headquarters in Hergiswil and its operating office in Zug.


Wealthyard Group SA
Legal headquarters
Hirsernweg 11
6052 Hergiswil, Switzerland

Wealthyard Group SA
Operating office
Kolinplatz 6
6300 Zug, Switzerland

Mail group@wealthyard.com
Phone +41 41 727 22 92
Fax +41 41 727 22 51